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You Guys Finally Sent a Couple of Amateurs That Made My Dick Hard

I have shit to do, you guys! I can’t sit around all day beating my meat like a maniac… but okay.

Someone sent me a couple of good amateur pix to see if they’d fit into a gallery I was working to create. Now, I won’t lie, most of the stuff you guys send our way is trash. Even these pics didn’t really fit for what I was working on, but they are were too good to waste.

Remember – if you’ve got amateurs we might be able to feature, smash that contact button and send ’em in!

With that in mind, please enjoy a slightly chubby white girl checking out her own ass in the mirror and one of the best Indian nudes I’ve ever seen. Seriously, that Indian girl is really what made me bother to post these. She looks either freshly fucked or ready to go, with a bottle of lube on the bed and a very nicely shaved puss. And those big ole titties on the white girl.

Excuse me for a bit…


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